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What Happens If Your Server Crashes Today? Know you have a plan in place to protect your network data when disaster strikes.
Minimize Downtime with Rapid Recovery

Keep your business running as critical business information and data is recovered quickly and efficiently.

Disaster IT Recovery Services to Protect Your Business

Is your data safe? If you suffered a loss, could your business survive? Technology is at the heart of everything we do in business today, both with communication in-house and with clients.

1SEO Technologies takes a very strong preventative approach to backups and data protection for your New Jersey business. Although hardware reliability has come very far in the last few years, the potential for failure still exists. If there’s a disaster and your data wasn’t available to you for a couple of days, even a couple of hours, how much money would be lost?

We have seen a direct correlation between your business and how well you protect its data. With our backup IT recovery services in the Central and South Jersey areas, you have easy access to your data when you need it.

Data recovery isn’t just needed when hardware failure strikes but can also be a result of any of the following issues:

  • Viruses and ransomware
  • Physical breakage or failures
  • Flood, fire and other naturally occurring disasters

If you don’t currently have a backup plan it’s extremely important that you start to get one designed now. We put a comprehensive solution in place for your NJ business to ensure your data is backed up and ready for recovery when you need it.

Protection from Backup Recovery Prevents Data Loss

See how our proven solutions can help your data remain safe in the face of disaster. We put a comprehensive solution in place.

A Strategic Plan & Design to Backup All Your Data

At 1SEO Technologies, we take control of your data with proven solutions that eliminate the biggest risks in your infrastructure. Data backup and security is treated very seriously, and we make sure to design you the backup solution that fits your business needs.

While designing your backup plan, we will carefully review the following:

  • Threshold for downtime
  • Current data requiring backup vs. future backup requirements
  • Cloud vs. local backup impacts
  • Where your data is being stored to allow for proper backups

Innovation in technology have increased the standard of data backup, and we’ll regularly test the backups to ensure its integrity. Our technicians do everything to ensure your data is backed up to avoid any occurrences of disaster in the future.

When your business is located in Central Jersey or South Jersey, we make sure you remain up and running in the event of a natural disaster.

What Is Data Backup Recovery?

You rely on your technology and data to conduct all types of business. We backup your data, storing and saving it elsewhere, in addition to its original location, in case disaster strikes.

If there is a fire in your building, a crash of your primary server or hard drive, even a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy that affects your business in New Jersey, you need to have your data and files backed up to ensure safe recovery when the unexpected happens.

If you don’t currently have a disaster recovery or backup solution for your NJ business, you need to find a way to protect your most important assets. It’s a highly competitive environment, and the more time you go without access to your data, the more money you’re losing.

Helping You Choose The Best Solution for Your Business

The importance of a recovery plan and data backup should not be overlooked. You need to know that your NJ business can operate and function during and after a disaster. We’re your partner to help you choose the best solution.

We provide total peace of mind so your business is prepared for the worst—and performing the best—at all times. We use the best practices across your technology infrastructure.

Think about how long your company in New Jersey can live without data and what you need to back up. How much data should be backed up? We take all components into perspective to set you up with the right amount of space to ensure your growth.

The data for your business in the South Jersey and Central Jersey area is vital to your success. Make sure it is protected and secured with 1SEO Technologies. You can’t afford to be without it.