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Money, Automation, and AI: Technology’s Role in the American Legal System

Technology is continually altering the way that we interact and think about the world. Whether it’s a new app, the latest cryptocurrency, or a program that changes the way that we carry out our day-to-day tasks, new technology has a constant influence on society. One industry that has been somewhat reluctant to introduce new technology

AI and Health Data: How New Technology is Impacting Consumers and Corporations

The idea of wearing a watch on your wrist that displays a small screen similar to that of your iPhone or Android was one of the highest selling points when the Apple Watch was first released in 2015. Having your timepiece transformed into this flowing, digital screen that allows you to read texts from your

As Simple As 12345678: How Hackers Steal Your Passwords And What You Can Do To Stop Them

The digital world is rich with irony.  May 3rd is “World Password Day,” which was established as a celebration to promote better password habits. However, if you have a Twitter account, chances are you’re not celebrating at all. As it turns out, that very same day, the social media giant revealed to their subscribers that

Hacking 101: What You Need To Know And How To Stop Them

Most business owners these days are savvy enough to understand that cybercriminals are becoming much more sophisticated with their hacking methods than from the days of “wealthy Nigerian Princes.” And it seems like no one is safe — the mere mention of companies like Equifax, Ashley Madison, Uber, and even Yahoo conjure up hacking nightmares

Adding Patch Management To Your Business Plan

  How often do you see your IT professional? Taking a proactive approach to the maintenance of your software is imperative to the safety of the data within your system. With hackers always developing new ways to access your information, free security software just isn’t going to cut it. By having an IT professional regularly patch

Spectre and Meltdown: What You Need To Know

Last week it was announced by Intel that two major flaws, Spectre and Meltdown, have been present in nearly every microprocessor present in desktops, laptops, smartphones, and cloud servers. With this information, the technology world’s head is spinning, so here are some facts to help you understand what these vulnerabilities are and what you can

15 Mind-Blowing Stats on Ransomware from 2017

The word “ransomware” can make anyone cringe—especially business owners. Almost everyone has seen headlines and stories spewed across the web about companies whose data has been held hostage, and won’t be returned until a ridiculous payout is handed over to criminals. Unfortunately, these types of attacks won’t be going away anytime soon. At this point,

4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Slow computers not only raise your blood pressure and seem to take years off your life but they also impact the productivity at any given workplace. When you have pressing tasks to complete, yet, your computer is running at a snail’s speed, there’s nothing you’d like to do more at that very moment than throw

Top 5 Scariest Predictions About Cybercrime

Ready to get a little spooked? These facts, figures and statistics will help you understand where the cybersecurity industry stands today and what we can foresee happening in the future.      1. Cybercrime damages are expected to reach $6 trillion annually by 2021. The cybersecurity community and major media have widely agreed on the

[INFOGRAPHIC] Are Internet Disruptions Sabotaging Your Business? These Stats Will Help You Decide

In January 2017, Spiceworks, a leader in IT research, released a study on the different ways businesses are impacted by internet disruptions. A total of 201 respondents from companies of all sizes in a variety of industries took part. Here’s what they found: 79% of organizations indicate that Internet disruptions are either “crippling,” “excruciating” or

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